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We are taking every precaution to ensure your safety at Fuxägufer, adhering to the latest government guidelines. Download the full information here.

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That's right, on December 4th Fuxägufer opens its doors to restart the season on the slopes!

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Experience the best in mountain gastronomy

We are particularly proud of our tender and juicy cuts of meat, including the Wanderhof beer pork cutlet, the ever popular Gemspfeffer, direct from the local hunter, and of course, our succulent entrecote  topped with café de paris  and on sunny days, you’ll find our grill chef behind the huge rösti pan preparing a wide assortment of sausages and other smoked delights. Not to be forgotten is the unique Lizzy and the delicious Asian cuisine authentically prepared in the wok. And always remember all of this, and more, is served with a cheerful smile.

The mountain hut

Cozy atmosphere

Fuxàgufer chalet can be found on the sunny side of the Jakobshorn. From November until April, guests enjoy the pristine alpine scenery off of our beautiful outdoor bar and terrace. Since it is only a short walk from chairlift, friends of the Fuxägufer stop by for a quick breakfast before hitting the slopes. Even the national ski team utilizes our facilities. Our unique “niche design” allows for a discreet and private working environment when needed. Sometimes tourists also find our special location with its remarkable view, traditional interior design, relaxing music with a charming lounge atmosphere all while reclining on a comfortable sun bed overlooking the surrounding mountain vistas. And never forget the delectable tastes that will await you from our well-staffed kitchen. In the end, of course, it’s the combination of all of these, and most importantly, our sincerest desire that every guest will have a thoroughly enjoyable time. Pay us a visit and see for yourself!

Summer and winter;
your private event at Fuxägufer

Just imagine how you drive up with your guests on the chairlift in the twilight, wrapped in a cozy woolen blanket. After 5 minutes you can already see the perfectly lightened Fuxägufer and the warm torches and fireplaces. After another two minutes you arrive on the terrasse where your special song is played while having a hot „Glühwein“. Followed by a perfect dinner in the hut and a after dinner party under the starry sky.



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