Your private event on 2200 meters above sea level

Just imagine how you drive up with your guests on the chairlift in the twilight, wrapped in a cozy woolen blanket. After 5 minutes you can already see the perfectly lightened Fuxägufer and the warm torches and fireplaces. After another two minutes you arrive on the terrasse where your special song is played while having a hot „Glühwein“. Followed by a perfect dinner in the hut and a after dinner party under the starry sky.



Our food is famous, but our parties are infamous. We know how to celebrate, and you are the only missing ingredient. Returning home after a festive evening is not something to worry about since the chairlift will often operate until the early morning hours, and if not, our “SnowBus” will safely take you down the mountain. There’s always plenty of action and “dancing on the table” is not an uncommon occurrence. The music ranges from house to folk and well-known DJs turn the soft mountain air into a volcanic eruption, while our chefs titillate your palate. Which of these evenings will be mentioned in the international press is still unknown, but the easiest way to get the news is simply be there. In a pinch, you can also request an event schedule while subscribing to our fuxänews.


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