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We are so happy that you are here!

Or at least it is soon that you are here  2200 meters above sealevel. Within seven minutes you are , even without skis, with the chairlift Carjöler from downtown Davos in the paradise of Fuxägufer

Fuxàgufer chalet can be found on the sunny side of the Jakobshorn. From November until April, the locals enjoy the pristine alpine scenery off of our beautiful outdoor bar and terrace. Since it is only a short walk from chairlift, these same locals will stop by for a quick breakfast before hitting the slopes. Even the national ski team utilizes our facilities. Our unique “niche design” allows for a discreet and private working environment when needed.

Sometimes tourists also find our special location with its remarkable view, traditional interior design, relaxing music with a charming lounge atmosphere all while reclining on a comfortable sun bed overlooking the surrounding mountain vistas. And never forget the delectable tastes that will await you from our well-staffed kitchen. In the end, of course, it’s the combination of all of these, and most importantly, our sincerest desire that every guest will have a thoroughly enjoyable time. Pay us a visit and see for yourself!


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