Places to be

Recreation in the center

Everything is set up that nothing will be missed and that you can perfectly enjoy your stay.


We will definetely find a table for you. The restaurant hast wo floors with lovely niches and around 250 persons can be seated.


When you are in a fun-loving mood, starting at 11 am our terrace bar is the perfect place. As the saying goes “Here the music plays.” Everyone enjoys the sunny atmosphere and spectacular mountain scenery, plenty of refreshments and of course good food is always available.

In the restaurant there is another bar with plenty of space. There the mountain meets during bad weather conditions and for the last stop before the last run on the wonderful slopes of the Jakobshorn.


For special occasions, we also have our separate VIP lounge upstairs which can easily accommodate 30 people. Simply call for reservations. You’re a VIP!

Deck chairs

Our plush lounge chairs on the sun terrace are both inviting and comfortable. Once you’re sitting back and soaking up the sun, we will be ready to indulge your every need. The sun will also help to warm your spirits.

Our lounge chairs are large enough for two and can be reserved for the day on weekends, or by the hour on weekdays.


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